A little background on PHILIP D studio, its philosophy toward image creation, and its chief photographer and digital artist, Philip D. 

Our Philosophy…

Professional photography is about more than just taking pictures. It’s about building relationships and making one-of-a-kind images. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision for the custom imagery you desire. We are not a high-volume, retail studio. We prefer to cater to a limited number of commercial and personal clients who share our passion for creating works of art designed to make an impression second to none. 


The Studio…

We’re committed to delivering incredible images in a professional and relaxing atmosphere, which is why we designed our studio from the ground up with these goals in mind. From our comfortable lounge and well-appointed styling suite to our spacious shooting floor and dedicated preview room, we look forward to surpassing your expectations.



Our Rates…

Rates for commercial work vary by assignment but are composed of the industry-standards: creative fees, expenses, and license fees. Rates for personal work start at an affordable $125 for a basic headshot, which includes the finished digital image. We are proud to offer special rates for active duty military, law enforcement, and emergency responders.





For as long as he can remember, Philip has enjoyed blending his technical and creative interests, which is why photography has been a passion of his since he built his first pinhole camera, at the age of nine, out of a single-serving cereal box (Frosted Flakes) and plenty of duct tape. This nearly genetic predisposition to seek balance between left brain and right brain activities also explains why his career arc has always veered outside the lines of convention.

In the past, Philip has worked as a commercial model, a night club bouncer, and a NASA research engineer–all at the same time. He even earned a black belt from a world-class martial artist with a PhD in engineering who explained the finer points of dismantling an opponent by quoting the laws of physics.

 Later, Philip co-founded a successful software start-up, ran business development for a global security company, and became a licensed high school mathematics teacher. During the downtime between each new venture, he expanded his family, drafted two novels, and continued to refine his skills in the digital darkroom.

Philip now counts among his many blessings the opportunity to work as a professional photographer and the editor-in-chief of [RE]TOUCHED Magazine and Retouching Academy as well as business consultant for Photigy...an impossible combination of feats without the unwavering support of his wife and children. He continues to be a firm believer in the three P’s of success: Passion, Persistence, and Perspiration.