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Building the studio...

From the point where we started scouting locations to when we signed for our keys, the whole process took almost nine months.

Designing and building our full-service commercial studio turned out to be every bit as fun, exhausting, challenging, and rewarding as building a dream house and having a baby--at the same time. Okay, maybe not quite as fun as the baby part...

Two fun facts:

FACT #1: the guys wheeling what looks like an appliance down the street are actually moving a small bank safe that weighs about 400 lbs--on a hand cart rated for less than half that load. So, as you can imagine, they didn't quite make it the half-dozen blocks from our attorney's office where the safe had been collecting dust to our studio. One small bump in the road and the weld joints on the hand cart popped and a wheel snapped off. At that moment, it decided to snow.

FACT #2: The construction foreman coordinating the installation of our Manfrotto motorized background system--which is mounted to a support beam 16 feet off the ground--has only one hand. I have two comments about this gentleman: First, I don't think I took a breath the entire time he was facilitating his end of the install (lifting his end of each 9' roll of seamless paper, climbing up the ladder, installing the roller). And second, this man is so impressively capable, most people working around him rarely notice the fact his right hand is missing. Well done, and thanks for everything, Marvin.